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17 February, 2015.POSTES IN: Towns & Villages, Yeoval,TAGS: ,

Preserving a sculpture and a village

In a rustic rural park in Central West New South Wales two-storey high fractured bust of English sculptor Henry Moore rises above the knee high native grasses.

It’s grown to be the centrepiece of the modest sculpture park in the village of Yeoval and has proven it has much more than monetary value.

Yeoval’s Alf Cantrell is passionate about his village which has a population of about 200 and always looking for ways to revitalise it and attract visitors and business.

He helped establish a museum to bush poet Banjo Paterson who spent his youth in Yeoval but he also had a hand in setting up a sculpture park across the road.

The six tonne Henry Moore piece which shows the artist’s head cut into three pieces and rearranged was a surprise coup for… read the full story


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