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Yeoval Museum

Yeoval Family Museum
Yeoval Family Museum

Address: 1 King Street Yeoval, NSW 2868
Opening Hours: Thursday 9am to 12 noon (first Thursday of every month and by appointment)
Contact: 02 6846 4190 or email

The small cottage in the center of the main street of Yeoval is the Yeoval Family Museum  so named because it houses much of the history of a local residence of Yeoval  and its surrounding area dating back to the 1870s and covering the gold rush  at the Goodrich Mine and the adjacent village of Obley.

The Museum is housed in the Cottage of which not too much is known until its occupation by the O’Halloran family who came to Yeoval in the early 1950s Mr O’Halloran was the town Saddler, bootmaker, and general handyman. The family were very civic minded and both Mr and Mrs O’Halloran were members of many organisations in the Village. A wonderful entertainer in her own home Mrs O’Halloran’s life was a very basic one.  The kitchen has none of the modern appliances even the sink as we know it has not appeared and the washing up dish was used every mealtime. The Laundry with its copper, chip heater and bath and the pantry is untouched still holding all the treasurers needed to run the family kitchen.

Committee members have added their own family treasurers to enhance the picture, the enamel baby bath, the overhead mosquito net and the bed doll and the workshop area contains the original Yeoval Telephone Exchange purchased at a clearing sale in Dubbo.

The museum is open by appointment contact 0427208913

Things to see and do

Yeoval sits on the cross roads of Molong, Dubbo and Wellington and is well known for its association with Banjo Paterson who spent a good part of his youth there.

Visit the Banjo Paterson Museum open daily from 9.00am – 3.-00pm. 

Yeoval Museum Kitchen       Yeoval Pantry



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