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Carcoar Hospital Museum

Address: 7 Eulamore Street, Carcoar near Uralba Retirement Village
Opening Hours: By appointment and on advertised open days
Admission: Adults $2 Children free
Contact:  6367 3056 (Jill) or 6367 5068 (Rhonda) or 6367 3172 (Margaret)

Carcoar Hospital is one of the earliest colonial hospital buildings in Australia and holds a unique and important place in our history.  Built to the design of Architect Edward Gell, the foundation stone was laid in 1860 and the building was completed and occupied by August 1861.  Funding was by community fundraising with Government Assistance.  The cost was £ 2,400.

Operating Theatre

There have been alterations and additions to meet the needs of later eras, but the original building remains basically intact and is slowly being returned to its original design.




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