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Farewelling a village doctor 150 years on

Farewelling a village Doctor 150 years on

Visiting the National trust classified village of Carcoar near Blayney in Central West New South is like taking a step back in time, with its wooden-clad bridge, bull-nosed verandas and brightly-coloured advertising signs painted on local shop walls.

A part of that history is being brought back to the present as villagers hold a dinner reminiscent of the 1867 farewell held for the village’s first doctor, Hugh Mortimer Rowland.

The doctor arrived in Carcoar as a 22-year old in 1857 and was instrumental in getting the local hospital built, so when he left to return to England a decade later the village said goodbye in style.

A gentleman’s dinner

The Carcoar hospital is now a museum, housing scores of medical-themed artefacts from a set of …

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Rhonda Bloomfield and volunteers at the Carcoar Hospital Museum are gearing up for an 1860s style dinner to ‘farewell’ the village’s first doctor (ABC)

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