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Stoke Stable Museum

Stoke Stable
Stoke Stable

Address: “Stoke Stable”, Naylor Street, Carcoar.
Opening Hours: daily from 10 am to 4 pm

“Stoke Stable”, Built by convict labour c. 1849 and possibly the oldest building in Carcoar, “Stoke Stable” is the home of the Carcoar Historical Society Museum. The Museum displays historical photos and memoribilia reflecting the residential, industrial and agricultural history of the local area. The stone building retains the features of its earlier use. The horse stalls and mangers are still visible, as are the building’s early roof shingles. The stable serviced Stoke Hotel which is now a private residence.

Things to see and do in Carcoar

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Further visitor information can be obtained from the Enterprise Store in Belubula Street.



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Arts NSW approve continued funding for project

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