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The popular Yeoval Museum/Exhibition “Banjo Paterson…more than a Poet” is taking delivery of new glass display cabinets purchased with a grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  These Cabinets will display the ever increasing Boer War and WWI items being assembled in the Exhibition.

It is not very well known that in his first overseas assignment Paterson went to South Africa as the Fairfax War Correspondent to the Boer War. Here, mounted in civilian clothes, he accompanied the Australian and British Forces into conflict and reported home through the Overland Telegraph to both the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age.

Paterson took two of his own horses to South Africa to provide him with the necessary transport and reports that he was appalled at the treatment Army Horses received, with 135,000 of them being killed during the conflict.

When the Great War of 1914-18 erupted in Europe and the Australian Government threw itself into supporting and fighting alongside the motherland England, a very large convoy of Australian and New Zealand ships carrying 30,000 men and 7,000 horses sailed from Albany in Western Australia to disembark at Alexandria in Egypt. Paterson was on board serving as an Honorary Vet for the horses and as special correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald.

These and many other fascinating stories from the life and times of Banjo Paterson are told in the displays of the Yeoval “Banjo Paterson…more than a Poet” Exhibition. Laid out to appeal to all members of the family, it includes an enclosed small children’s play area in the corner of Clancy’s Café, where delightful light luncheons and Devonshire teas are served.

This unique exhibition is only a year old.  For more information contact –  0427208913

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