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The earliest mention of Neville was made in the Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies in 1848 which describes Neville as being a Parish of NSW situated in the County of Bathurst, bounded on the north by Coombing Creek and the west by the Parish of Somers.  Early records show the area had various names, including No One, No One Swamp Macquarie Swamp, Leamington and later Mount Macquarie. Mount Macquarie was officially proclaimed a settlement on March 20, 1885.  It continued to be known as Mt Macquarie until 24 November, 1888 when the name was changed to Neville.

In 1858 a small school was established at Swamp Number One near Mt Macquarie.  In 1866 the Presbyterian Church was built and the Post Office was established in 1870.

Things to see and do

  • The local hotel serves meals, check with the Hotel for availability.
  • Neville is also close to the popular Abercrombie Caves.

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