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The area has been known by a variety of names.  Early landholders referred to it as Rodwell or Rocky Creek and Back Creek, another early name being Stringybark.  When the Post Office was established it was called Duramana.  The establishment of the railway and the influx of railway workers in the early 1870s, saw the township being called Newbridge.  During the 1880s gold and iron was mined in the area.

The Gladstone Hotel dates from the early 1870s, the Public School from 1877, the old Police Station from the 1890s, the Convent in 1900, the Post Office from 1904 and the Catholic Church from 1919.

In the 1950s, Newbridge was a thriving town with a baker, green grocer and general and rural supplies stores.

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Things to see and do

  • Visit the Gladstone Hotel, Newbridge
  • Take a country drive to the nearby gold mining settlement of Kings Plains
  • Visit the Drayshed Nursery

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