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Moorilda township
Moorilda township

Moorilda formally known as Teapot Swamp was an agricultural settlement on the old Lachlan Road, lying 20 miles west of Bathurst.

According to the journalist of the Cowra Free Press 22 July 1911, the story was that the bushrangers had no use for a teapot – tea not being a favourable beverage with the hero’s when there was any ‘stagger juice’ around, so they threw it away; and if the people did the same thing with the name, it would not hurt the place any.  Eventually, there was a name change, without ill effect, not by the locals, who were seemingly consulted, but by the Post Office, which published in the Sydney Morning Herald of 30 November 1878, the following notice:

General Post Officer, Sydney 23 November, 1878.  On and from the 1st proximo, the Post Office at present known as Teapot Swamp will bear the designation of MOORILDA.  J.F. Burns.

Three churches still remain in Moorilda that were designed by Bathurst based architect, Edward Gell (1818-1899).

Information courtesy Blayney Shire Local an Family History Group Inc

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