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Molong Recollections by Bruce Lewington

‘Molong was like a spiritual home for me’

As long as I can remember Molong has always played a part in my life, starting as a young boy going there in the train during school holidays with one of my aunts. As my grandfather, Eric Giffin, was a stock and station agent, every holiday would involve auctions and moving sheep or cattle.

My grandmother always bought her eggs, fruit and milk from her local suppliers. In those days the milk had cream. Everybody that would pass her would stop and talk to ‘Mrs Giff’, which was her nickname. It was hard to leave and go back to Sydney at the end of the holidays but my uncle always gave me five pounds, which was fantastic.

Grandmother Giffin lived at 53 Gidley Street, Molong. My grandmother’s phone was on a party line which from a local exchange and would ring so many times for one particular home. Grandma used to send parcels of Granny Smith apples and presents like shortbread. My grandmother had the greatest influence on me. Molong was like a spiritual home for me, and still is.

Then as a teenager, along with a couple of mates, we wold stay at a farm and enjoy the isolation. During this time I met the owner [Les Hart] on so many occasions and we would have lunch together and talk about the early history of Molong. This beautiful man is still alive, still lives in his own house, still has a fantastic memory He will be 102 in July – long may he live.

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