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10 August, 2015.POSTES IN: Events, News,TAGS: ,,

Sustainable Collections Program

Working across the Council areas of Blayney, Cabonne and Orange, involving more than 12 museums, the Sustainable Collections Program has been working with museum volunteers to document and interpret collections and stories.

Villages of the Heart; a new strand of the Sustainable Collection program explores the places and villages of the region, building stronger communities, attachment to place and renewed valuing of rural communities. The projects main focus is on documenting rural villages, both lost but still have a presence in the landscape, stories, places, traditions and collections, and exploring community attachment to place.

The Program is administered by Orange City Council the Program supports a network of museums. The network meets regularly to advise on training needs, plan workshops, joint projects and events. These programs strengthen co-operation and raise the profile of museums and villages.

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