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11 November, 2015.POSTES IN: Molong, Stories,TAGS: ,

Dr Ross discovers the properties of eucalyptus

An Aboriginal man named Harry was speared in a battle at Copper Hill, near Molong in the 1860s. He was treated by his wife with a poultice made of eucalyptus leaves.  The process was observed by Dr Ross of Molong, who later wrote a treatise on the subject.  It was the first time that non-Aboriginal people realised the antiseptic properties of eucalyptus.

Copper Hill is also associated with an important Wiradjuri ancestor named Kitty Hanley who was reputedly born there in the 1840s (Kitty is also linked to the Lachlan River).  So far NTSCORP engaged to conduct an Aboriginal Study for Blayney and Cabonne Council areas trace family histories and have traced almost 500 descendants of Kitty, some of whom still live in the study area.


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