Villages of the Heart

Villages of the Heart and the Orange Apple Festival Join Jacqui Newling on Saturday May 10 at the Orange Farmers market as part of...Continue reading

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Fins to Flight

An exhibition of astounding images from world renowned wildlife photographer Akos Lumnitzer. These stunning images highlight the ecological and evolutionary progress from Fish to...Continue reading

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Unveiling of the portrait of Edgar Reuben Robards and the photographs of Hugh Phillip McArdle, Roy John Silk and Herbert Patrick Silk by the late Anne Marie Ingham.

                               Invitation All are welcome to attend the Molong RSL Club on Sunday, 5 October at 2 pm, for the unveiling of the portrait...Continue reading

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GASTRONOMY IN THE MUSEUM: interpretation and programming through food.

Friday 24 October, 2014 – 9.30am – 4.00pm Jacqui Newling, resident gastronomer and assistant Interpretation curator from Sydney Living Museums is presenting a Museums’...Continue reading

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Yuranigh, guide, companion, counsellor and friend

Yuranigh, a Wiradjuri , became a guide to Major Thomas Mitchell on his expedition to central Queensland, which started in December 1845. Along with two other Aborigines, Yuranigh, a Wiradjuri tribesman from the Molong district, joined Mitchell at Boree. He soon proved his worth in many ways – retrieving cattle which had strayed, finding water for the group, climbing tall trees to get a better view of the...Continue reading

Memory Lane at Canomodine, Canowindra – Joyce Martin

 Milking was a task I enjoyed, even though the buckets were heavy. I loved being near the animals and outdoors. Joyce Martin Canowindra I was the third youngest of eight children, my name was Joyce. I had three sisters and four brothers: Jim, Nita, Bill, Topsy, Marge, me, Colin and Lindsay. We were like any other family – we laughed and fought, worked hard and helped out...Continue reading

Wild Man of Carcoar – John Fitzgerald

For some years at the beginning of the 20th century, a wild looking hairy man had been seen around the hill country between Carcoar and Blayney. This giant of a man, well over six feet tall, was John Fitzgerald, a former miner and wrestler, who became markedly eccentric but hardly posed a threat to those people who came across him. While his origins remain unclear, it appears...Continue reading

Central NSW Museums

Visiting the museums and historic sites of the Orange, Cabonne, Blayney District provides an opportunity to experience the rural lifestyle of Australians at the time of Federation. Being able to see a 100 year old photo, farm machinery or tools used to craft the pioneer homes gives an appreciation of rural technology as well as the spirit of personal endeavour.

Explore the region through its Regional Museums Heritage Trail. Absorb the history and heritage of Australia’s colourful past.